The firm has five highly experienced Private Notaries and able to ensure availability to the firm’s clients during any time of the year, even on short notice.

All our Private Notaries are also fully qualified lawyers which renders the notarial practice particularly competent in view of nowadays demands and legal challenges.

Notary services are often required in several types of transactions, such as immovable assets sales, mortgages deeds and in all other kinds of notarial certifications. Our in-house Notaries allow our firm to provide clients with a response to all contractual and documentary needs, from drafting and negotiating, to execution and authentication in the wide range of acts and contracts.

Our team is also able to offer out of office attendances.

Our aim is to provide our clients with a personalized and tailor-made service in order to respond effectively to their needs in terms of notarial documentation and response to their business and/or private matters.