The firm is experienced in intellectual property law, including registration, defense and protection of copyright, trademarks and patents for a wide range of clients, both local and based overseas.

The expertise of the firm covers all aspects from applications for registration to litigation cases. Our team is experienced in advising businesses on what respects the protection and leverage of trademarks, ideas, inventions and creative work.

Our team is known for its skills in what concerns protection and enforcement of trademark portfolios of major brands. We have IP litigation skills as well as deep understanding of the industries in which our clients operate. Our team includes patent, copyright and trademark lawyers, who are also experienced in matters related to trade secrets and unfair competition, dispute resolution and insurance coverage claims.

Our IP practice also includes assistance in mergers, acquisitions and dispositions, as well in joint-ventures, strategic alliances and IP assets acquisitions.

We represent litigants and other stakeholders in all types of intellectual property disputes and have a longstanding record of practice in litigation and intellectual property disputes.