The firm has a solid foundation in substantive and procedural criminal law and the litigation skills needed to practice in this area, providing legal advice and services for any matters within criminal law.

Our team is experienced in representing individuals, public or private entities in a wide variety of criminal investigations and charges, related to supervision or white-collar cases.

We are focused on litigation related to crimes within the framework of defenses and appeals. We are prepared to handle the most serious offenses and dedicate all our resources, know-how, experience and energy to each one of our clients.

We are aware that unlike civil court cases, where money or property may be at stake, people suspected of committing a crime will see their fundamental freedoms put in jeopardy, and therefore we make our best efforts to ensure protection of our clients’ rights at all times.

Our team is composed by very experienced criminal lawyers, who are familiar with court procedures and will recognize possible defenses based on the particular facts of a criminal case, always trying to, within each case’s circumstances, getting charges reduced or even dismissed. This may be achieved when there is not enough evidence for a conviction or when there is enough evidence to support a good defense.

As experienced criminal lawyers, our team is skilled to review all the process, appraise the sufficiency or lack of evidence, explain all kinds of punishment options and pursue all potential defenses.