The firm has broad experience in handling and advising on work permit/visa application procedures for non-resident workers (both skilled and unskilled) as well as residency applications for investors and highly skilled professionals.

The firm frequently advises clients in designing contractual and internal policy employment frameworks, by drafting, adapting and revising staff manuals and labour contracts, and also provides assistance in the event of employment disputes and labour-related litigation, as well as workplace accidents and industrial diseases.

Our team provides advice and counseling on a regular basis regarding all aspects of the employment relationship. We have experience in preparing employment contracts and confidentiality agreements and also in assisting corporate employers on the implementation of policy development, such as drafting or reviewing employment handbooks.

We have developed a substantial immigration practice providing a host of services to large, medium and small employers on a national and international basis. Our services include obtaining temporary skilled worked visas as well as providing assistance with permanent residency requests.

Our team addresses the client’s legal issues in the broader context of their business operations and helps them achieve solutions that appropriately manage their legal risks. We have practice in extensive areas, such as restrictive covenants litigations, labour arbitrations, immigration proceedings, bankruptcy litigation and labour disputes.

Our firm has substantial experience to address all labour and employment matters that arise in acquisitions and sale of businesses, cross-border movement of executives, managers and skilled workers, applications for work permits, visas and permanent residency.