Paulo Magalhães Carochas

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Paulo Magalhães Carochas’s practice has a strong focus on civil, criminal, administrative and labour law, being also strongly dedicated to trademarks registration and disputes.

In his legal practice, Paulo has been involved as an attorney on several divorce and custody, debt claiming, civil compensation, rental disputes and inheritance cases. He has been defense counsel for crime cases like DUI offenses, theft, minor drug consumption and trafficking and corporal offenses as well as disputing administrative cases involving taxation, administrative licensing and Macau residency disputes.

On the civil law side, Paulo has handled several family law cases with special focus on divorces and child custody cases, either enduring strong and pro-active negotiations between the parties and, ultimately, representing the parts on court trials.

On the labour law side he has advised on several labour contracts, assisted on several contract termination disputes and actively acting as investigator and instructor on several private company’s disciplinary procedures.

Paulo is also very active on industrial and intellectual property cases, handling all the registration, opposition and court litigation on both trademark applications and violations, as a civil matter as well as a criminal offense.

After starting his training in 2012, Paulo joined JNV – Lawyers and Notaries in July 2014, where he completed his training and became a fully qualified lawyer in October 2015.

Paulo is the author of an article named Eutanásia – o Direito a Morrer, published in the Bulletin of Faculty of Law of the University of Macau, no. 30, 2011.

Paulo graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Macau and is a member of the Macau Lawyers Association.

Paulo is native in Portuguese and fluent in both oral and written English and French.